Have you ever woken up on a sunny Saturday morning only to find you are out of eggs for breakfast? If you’re lucky, the food store is just around the corner, a quick hop in the car to the local market. For some, it’s a grueling drive to a far-away place where you may or may not run out of gas, be stranded for days, and then, to top it off, still never get your eggs. Peter Fox’s new Speedy Shop is looking to change that.

Peter Fox, an electrical engineer in the UK, decided on creating the oversized vending machine as a method of supplying needed provisions to areas with no local grocery store. Not only does the Speedy Shop not need an employee teller, but it also doesn’t require the collaboration of developing a full retail size grocery store, and can operate on an automated, all-hour process.

The vending machine holds essentials such as milk, eggs, and toiletries, and even more obscure (but sometimes also critical) items like umbrellas and pet food. All the items can be purchased on-site using cash or credit and the machine even sends an email alert to notify of a low stock item. Other neat features include live-updated website information such as stock and availability, and security features like cameras and alarms.  

The first machine was installed this week in Clifton in Derbyshire, UK, with plans to roll out more Speedy Shops in the upcoming months. For more information about the Speedy Shops, visit villagevending.com.

Food Lion Case Study


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